Hungry Girl.

Has anyone ever watched the Hungry Girl show? This show drives me absolutely bonkers with all the processed food she uses!! Seriously, you would be better off to eat whole fat, no processed foods then the junk chemicals that are in processed foods. Not that all the foods she uses are processed, but when she whips out coco puffs as her chocolate substitute for s’mores popcorn, or processed american cheese for nachos because they are both low in fat and calories… gag me please! Instead of coco puffs, use dark chocolate shavings, because honestly if I’m going to make s’mores popcorn, I want melted chocolate! And seriously, what is wrong with a good cheddar cheese, heated to just the right temp, is just as gooey!

Despite this all, I write as a concerned mother and wife, who feels that we need to take back our farms! We need to get back to good ole’ fashion eating. Back before food was convenient and easy. Not only would we be healthier, have less chronic diseases, but we would have a more well mannered society. Think about it, if kids actually had to help their parents gather food to eat and then have to wait for it to be made… oh yeah!

So, come follow me as I take a journey down the road of Nutrition in college! I am super excited to have my first nutrition course this coming spring.

This Hungry Girl,