Happy New Year!!

The ringing of 2015 has been a crazy one! The 2 weeks before Christmas went like this… Wednesday Dec. 10, get to church to prep for my class. I talk with the now former Director of our Children’s Ministry about the following Wednesday’s Christmas party, she brings up the fact that she is stepping down at the end of the year and asks if I want to apply, but says that she has 2 great applicants (I would be her just in case, probably won’t even interview). Thursday, Friday and Saturday is prepping for my cousin’s wedding and then some how I ended up kind of in the coordinator role… Sunday rolls around and the Children’s Ministry director is freaking out over the fact I don’t have my application ready… so I turn it in Monday. Tuesday I have my only final, then my first and second interview for the position. We offered me the position (wait, what???). Wednesday I have the Christmas Party, and I accept their offer. We then schedule a “we want to talk to your husband interview” for the following Monday. Thursday it the study day for my CNA Skills test, which I thankfully passed on Friday!! Saturday, breathe!! Sunday, I got up early to check out how the Children’s Department was set up and I also had nursery duty. Monday, at the “husband interview” I was officially given the job. I shadowed on Tuesday, then babysat on Wednesday. Merry Christmas!!

So Monday, after Christmas, it’s my second day of shadowing and our lovely former director decides that instead of her last day being Wednesday, it was going to be Monday…. She kicked me out the window and yelled, “Fly, baby fly!!”

The end of 2014 was a crazy one, but the Lord provided for us in so many ways, and we are so thankful for the craziness!

I still plan to continue with school for now, but we will see in the fall. I may just finish my associates for now.

My God Bless You in 2015,



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